The photographs on this Website, except for Africa, were taken during my time with a cat named Rocky.

It was no accident that I happened upon Rocky at a shelter. He had been waiting more than six years for a home, and my heart needed to take him home. In a sea of 100+ cats, he emerged from his perch at the shelter, draped his paws over my shoulder, and didn't plan on letting go–he had found a home. Four years and seven months later, Rocky let go. Or, I should say, I let go of him.

Love is profound, whether it's experienced for five minutes, five days, five years, or fifty years, or in the case of Rocky, four years and seven months. And, love's timetable is love's timetable is love's timetable, whether that's when love shows up or when love leaves. We can only ask to be present, with the knowledge that we get to carry the experience in our heart forever. In that sense, love never leaves.

I thank you viewing the Zen of Rocky site.