Zen of Rocky

HARVARD, MA Whether passing through or residing in Harvard, one can’t help but notice the gorgeous barns and horses set amongst the bucolic and serene landscape. Western sunsets illuminate the wood of historical barns on Still River Road, while other barns are tucked away on country roads. Tractors pull memories back to the past while the white fences of corrals draw the eye to patterns in the landscape. The boundaries of fences create a contrasting effect, both grounding the scene while framing the horses as a symbol of freedom.

Harvard is the site of many fine gardens, whether to serve as the outdoor rooms of its community or provide an intimate oasis for its occupants. The seasons ebb and flow with the gardens, from the burst of color in spring to a more relaxed feel in the summer, and then transitioning through fall to the dormancy of winter.

Harvard has many homes dating back to the 1800’s. The original windows of these old homes serve as frames to past, present, and future memories. Window boxes lend simplicity and gentle color, lace curtains create a timeless effect, and cats often gaze out at those who pass by.

A walk in Harvard will keenly focus the five physical senses and open up the window of awareness to the sixth sense of intuition. A non-purposeful walk allows time to take photographs, engage in a silent conversation with the chipmunk, listen to children at play, or marvel at a monarch butterfly. An evening walk will set a different kind of stage, be that a full moon rising through the earth’s atmosphere or the twinkle and grandeur of the constellations. The small and meaningful wonders materialize on a walk in Harvard and bathe the walker in the feelings of community, nature, and home.

Harvard is my home.