Zen of Rocky

WALK TO WILLARD’S Willard Farm is a focal point during the harvest season, with its delectable corn and fresh vegetables during the summer months, and its roadside display of pumpkins in the fall. A flower wagon serves as a calling card, beckoning drivers to make their daily visit. The farm stand operates from the age-old principles of honesty and simplicity—a simple wooden box serves as the cash register, classical music softly serenades the customer, and no lines form at the manual vegetable scale. All ages and walks of life frequent the farm stand, and Paul Willard, the knowledgeable proprietor, offers insightful conversation and the small touches. Customers longingly wait for the next year’s harvest of corn and they mark the passage of summer with the inevitable sign, “Monday is the last day for corn.” Willard Farm is set against the western mountains, and each day’s sunset weaves a thread into the cycle of nature and daily life.

The images of a farm offer a romanticized view to those who look through the lens of the postcard. The long lens, perhaps the counterpart of the postcard, can be focused over a period of time to depict the triumph and the toil of those who farm for a living.